Brett Young

Bike number: 150

Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia

Proudly supported by:

Freedom Cycle

Riding history.

I started at the age of 4 and my first race was in Kingston,N.S. I loved it from that day on and I am very lucky that my parents continued to take me to all the races.

Most memorable achievement in this sport.

When I was on my 65 and 85 I won 6 C.M.R.C Championships and the P.E.I championship for that year.

My hero/idol.

Ryan Villopoto

Most influential person in my life.

My brother Scottie


I try my hardest at all times when I practice I give 100%



Model: KX450F
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Model: KX250F
Sponsor Products: Freedom Cycle,Ruffles Towing,Cvo