Ava Hanes

Bike number: 113

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Proudly supported by:

Ffun Motorsports Inc.

Riding history.

I began riding in 2015. 2016 I Started Racing in our local Wednesday night series, where I placed 3rd in 65cc and 3rd in ladies class and raced in 2 provincial CMRC events. 2017 I am racing 3 different series our Local Wednesday Night series, provincial CMRC and Mid West Armature racing the Ladies and 85cc classes.

Most memorable achievement in this sport.

Racing the women's 2017 national in Regina SK.

My hero/idol.

Eli Tomac

Most influential person in my life.



Ride with everything you have.



Model: KX85
Sponsor Products: Ffun Motorsports, Recreation supply.