Rider of the Month - Dominique Daffé

Determined moto girl in a male-dominated sport! 

Born and raised in Alberta. I grew up going riding out in the mountains almost every weekend with my Dad. It wasn't until I was about 18 that I decided I wanted to try out motocross and once I did, I never looked back. Since I've started racing motocross I've seen myself be able to accomplish things I've worked hard for and I have met a ton of awesome people and I can't imagine not being involved in this amazing sport.  



Name: Dominique Daffé

Birth Date: September 25, 1991

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Current Residence: Calgary, AB

Nickname: Dom

Years Riding: Been on a bike about 17 years, only riding motocross for 4. 

Favorite Trick: If I could do one, it would be a whip! 

Current Bike: 2014 Kawasaki KX250F

Favourite Bike Ever: 2014 Kawasaki KX250F

Riding Influences: James Stewart

Personal Influences: My boyfriend and my family

Number of Broken Bones: 2

Favorite Place to Ride: Cahuilla Creek in California

Music: Grieves

Hobbies: Jet skiing, camping, riding anywhere

Goals: This year I want another top 10 number for 2015 and I just want to do the best I can and stay consistent and have fun! 

Accomplishment you are most proud of: Earning the number 10 plate for the Women's West series last year and the most improved rider award. 

Something people don’t know about you: I used to love horses and still do but always wanted to have my own horse to ride all the time growing up and when I was 15 I broke my wrist horseback riding in the middle of riding season and couldn't ride all summer. I haven't been back on a horse since!

Message to kids: Things don't just happen you have to go out and work for them so if you want to reach a goal with your riding just keep working at it, stay positive and good things will come! 


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