Rider of the Month - Jordan Melanson


I have been racing CMRC events in NB, NS and PEI since I was 7 years old. I have won a few championships on my KX65cc, KX85cc and I won schoolboy last year on my 250KX. This year my goal was to work very hard, train with Mitch Cooke and build myself up to top 3 in intermediate. I won 2nd over alll in the spring and 3rd over all in the fall. Next year my goal is to win Intermediate and hopefully point out and become a pro motocross rider!



Name: Jordan Melanson

Birth Date: March 15, 1998

Hometown: Middle Sackville, NS

Current Residence: Middle Sackville, NS

Nickname: The local race announcer calls me “Jordy”

Years Riding: 10 

Current Bike: 2014 KX250F and going to be getting 2015 KX250F for next season

Favourite Bike Ever: My favorite bike is the KX250F. it’s what I learned to do the best whips on.

Riding Influences: Mitch Cooke took me under his wing about 4 years ago. He bought me all new racing outfits, paint, gloves, jerseys, helmet, boots. It was the first time I ever got all new gear at one time. Mitch also helps me and my mother with all my exercise and dirk bike needs. He trains me all the time and helps improve my riding every week. I am so proud to have him as a trainer.

Personal Influences: My most personal influence is my mother; she alone takes me to all the practices and races for the last 10 years, she cooks and set my schedule for me. Her help and guidance as got me where I am today.

Number of Broken Bones: The first time I went for a message and body checkup. The lady (Tess) could tell I broke both my thumb many times over the years, I did not even realize. I broke my collar bone and in 2013 I fractured my collar bone, shoulder blade and small rib in a heated moto crash.

Favorite Place to Ride:I love to ride Mount Thom MX and pleasant Valley each track offers different lays outs and soil, so I can’t pick one over the other.

Music: All music but lately I have been enjoying County music.

Hobbies: I love working on lawn tractor, small engines and I got my license this year so now cars. Three of my buddies helped me change the motor in my civic last week end in my driveway in the rain. It did run when we were done and I am driving it now. I have a part time job to save money. I plan to get a truck next year so I can load my KX250f bike and get to practices with my buddy Kyle Cyr. My favorite is riding the KLX 110 (I bought with my 2013 Team Green contingency ) in the woods with my friends.

Goals: My biggest goal it to become a pro rider and hopefully become a leading edge rider.

Accomplishment you are most proud of: I learned how to do whips on my KX250f. I love whips.

Something people don’t know about you: I am a very open person so there is not anything I can think of.

Message to kids: Work hard and focus, follow your dreams and respect your parents/grandparents or guardians that do without so you can live your dreams.


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