Rider of the Month - Kate Lees

I've got dreams & I'm chasing them. #fasterthanyourboyfriend 

Racing the close Saskatchewan CMRC races, a smaller southern Saskatchewan circuit (SCRC) and a few Manitoba races each year. Working to race the Women’s Pro Motocross Nationals in 2015. Very competitive and very social at the track, I know what I want and what I have to do to get it (stopping the Dorito diet). Being a girl in a male dominated sport has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.



Name: Kate Lees

Birth Date: October 3, 1995

Hometown: Carlyle, SK

Current Residence: Regina, SK

Nickname: Rosie, but only my mom calls me that!

Years Riding:

Favorite Trick: #icantwhip but my favourite one to watch would probably be a superman seat grab. 

Current Bike: 2014 KX250F (x2)

Favourite Bike Ever: 2014 KX 250F

Riding Influences: My older brother, Kyle.

Personal Influences: My older brother, Kyle and my momma and daddy.

Number of Broken Bones: Shattered collarbone that I got some hardware for and knocked out my two front teeth.

Favorite Place to Ride: Carlyle Saskatchewan and Minnedosa, Manitoba

Music: I will listen to absolutely anything! But this year my racing song was “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled. I’m pretty sure I lost a lot of friends by how loud I sing.

Hobbies: Volleyball and sewing – but I don’t really have time for it while I’m in nursing school!

Goals: Top ten overall in women’s pro motocross nationals 2015 

Accomplishment you are most proud of: Winning the overall in C class in the South Corner Racing Circuit and moving up to B class where I finished third overall this year. 

Something people don’t know about you: In the spring I made a list of goals that I wanted to do this year, including people I wanted to beat, jumps I wanted to do and results I was aiming for. I met every single one of them this year.

Message to kids: Champions are made when the stands are empty, every champion started where you did. Secondly, riding “like a girl” is not an insult and it never will be. 


Check out Kate's "Ride like a Girl Motocross" video!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHpLppFqYFE

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