Rider of the Month - Iain Hopkins


Thank you for choosing me Kawasaki and Blackfoot Motosports!  I'm pretty stoked on my results so far considering I've only raced for 2 years.

Motocross is my sport of choice, no doubt. I have learned a lot and have a lot more to learn! I've always wanted to race but my Mom was to afraid so I did a lot of Bush Riding and Down Hill Racing. She's still afraid but knows this is my passion, it's what I dream of and always have since I was 4 on the kinder garden track at The Wild Rose Track in Calgary. This passed August, I had a great experience at the Watlon Raceway for the 2015 Transcan Nationals and I look forward to going back next year with a bit more experience. I'm determined to succeed and train hard down south this coming winter and come back with a goal of being in the top 5 for Walton next year. I truly can't thank my parents enough for all their efforts in getting me to all the races, and to Daymond Lane for his tremendous support. Thank you LTDGear.ca for all the sick clothes, Auto-Quip in helping me get to Walton and Blackfoot Motosports for the same. FOXCanada for your sweet gear and AtlasBrace for the well needed protection! ProCircuit for your continued support and great suspension! Thank you to Brent Worrall from the Canadian Moto Show for having me on! It #canonlygetbetter and I look forward to racing....Thanks everyone including Mr. Ron Newman!



Name: Iain Hopkins

Birth Date: October 18, 1999

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Current Residence:  Calgary, AB

Nickname: Hopper

Years Riding: 2

Favorite Trick: Oppo Whip

Current Bike: KX250F

Favourite Bike Ever: KX250F

Riding Influences: Brandon Pederson

Personal Influences: Daymond Lane/Drew Lane

Favorite Place to Ride: Pala raceway, CA

Hobbies: BMX, Snowboarding and watching moto videos

Goals: I want to be the best out there

Accomplishment you are most proud of: 14th place in "Watton" schoolboy class

Something people don’t know about you: "I'm not a pro"

Message to kids: "Keeper pinned boys"

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