Kyle Murphy

Bike number: 811

Belle River, Ontario

Proudly supported by:

Xtreme FX Powersports

Riding history.

I got my first bike, a KLX140L, in the summer of 2017. My Dad, brother and I rode practice tracks in our area that summer. My Dad said once I could ride the wheels off of that bike I could get a race bike so in the summer of 2018 I got a KX100. After spending the summer on the KX100 my parents agreed to let me start racing so I joined the Thames Valley Racing club and began racing for their fall series.

Most memorable achievement in this sport.

In my first season racing I won the small wheel beginner fall series with TVR.

My hero/idol.

Ken Roczen

Most influential person in my life.

My Dad


Can I ride? I want to ride!



Model: KX250F