Ty Shemko

Bike number: 97

Trenton, Ontario

Proudly supported by:

Belleville Sport & Lawn Centre

Riding history.

Raced in Manitoba from age of 6 until 2008 when my parents moved to Ontario where I raced until I was 16. This is when injuries took there toll and my body needed a break, I have taken 6 years off to finish high school and get my college diploma in health and fitness promotions. Missing the sport from the day I stopped I am now racing again and will be competing in the Walton Trans Can in the Open Intermediate and the 450 int, Aug 13 to 16 and if I can place top 3 in one of theses classes will be racing the Triple crown 450 class on the 17th Aug.

Most memorable achievement in this sport.

I received the DMX total devotion award at the 2011 Walton Trans Can. "The total devotion Award isn't based solely on results, rather it focuses on a racer who shows promise, the ability to overcome adversity, and an undeniable devotion towards the sport of motocross" Kyle Carruthers

My hero/idol.

My parents and grandpa who all served in the Canadian Armed forces, 35,33 and 32 years and all deployed to parts all over the worold allowing us to be safe.

Most influential person in my life.

My Dad


Ride hard be fair but don't take any shit



Model: KX450F
Sponsor Products: Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa and my visa. Fox racing