Max Day

Bike number: 108

Lake Country, British Columbia

Proudly supported by:

Valley Moto Sport

Riding history.

I started riding when I was 3 and when I was 6 I did my first race at the whispering pines motocross track and was hooked on this amazing sport. I progressed quickly and was always a top contender in my class coming up through little bikes and now on big bikes moving up through junior quickly and now being in the intermediate class.

Most memorable achievement in this sport.

Racing amateur supercross this winter in the United States and finishing 5th at Oakland in the Open B class.

My hero/idol.

Travis Pastrana

Most influential person in my life.

My Dad


Don’t give up



Model: KX250F
Sponsor Products: Valley Motorsport, Terra alps racing, Lime nine, seven mx, Gibson tyre, bulldog mx training, xbrand goggles


Position Rider Total Points
1 Devyn Smith #30 197
2 Payton Bruvold #84 177
3 Alex Gatt #181 77
4 Ryan Lockhart #101 75
5 Max Day #108 25

ONTARIO Standings

Position Rider Total Points
1 Wyatt Kerr #164 137
2 Kara Mansfield #11 29
3 Cindy Trudel #818 20
4 Antoine Poirier #198 6
5 Dustin schmidt #527 0
6 Max Day #108 0