Nova MacLeod

Bike number: 191

Corunna, Ontario

Proudly supported by:

McKee Sport & Garden

Riding history.

I started riding dirt bikes at the early age of 4, my dad bought me a 99 Z50 to learn on. I soon started to love the sport very much. I started racing Mini Thunder which is a small club in Brigden, Ontario. I finished 4th place overall for the season in first year racing which was 2014. 2015 I rode hard at Mini thunder earning a 1st place overall for the season on my 2010 in 50 open, as well as entering into Hiawatha again, this time earning another 1st overall for 50 open. 2016 I began racing in TVR and was winning various races throughout the season earning a 3rd place in the spring and summer series followed by a first place win in the fall series. In 2017 I rode hard in the 50cc class and on my kx65 earning a few race wins in both classes and earning another 1st place in 50cc open for the fall series. In 2018 I began racing a KX85. I was riding hard but a few tumbles throughout the year good competition with much older competitors made it tough. In 2019 my dad purchased me my very first brand new bike: a 2019 KX100. I rode very well getting top 5 in all 3 seasons. In 2020, I am waiting for the green light to begin racing....

Most memorable achievement in this sport.

2015 block passing a fast 50 kid at Hiawatha last corner of 2nd moto earning enough points to take the win.

My hero/idol.

Ken Roczen and the Mac

Most influential person in my life.

My dad


Hit 6 and wind



Model: KX100