Vanessa Stinson

Bike number: 714

Treherne, Manitoba

Proudly supported by:

Transcanada Motorsports Supply

Riding history.

My dad bought me my first dirt bike (KLX110L) for my 10th birthday. I then started racing in 2016 when I was 13. I ended up winning the first race that I ever competed in and was immediately hooked. I started racing on a KX85 and I am now riding a KX250.

Most memorable achievement in this sport.

Winning the Little Ladies championship in 2016 and 2017. Winning the Ladies championship in 2018. Getting 3rd in moto 3 at the Loretta Lynn's Regional qualifier.

My hero/idol.

Britt Gagne

Most influential person in my life.

My dad


Don't decrease the goal, increase the effort.



Model: KX250F
Sponsor Products: Transcanada Motorsports, Supplement King, FXR, RMC Graphics, St. Claude Autobody, Stinson Seeds, Wilson Farms

MANITOBA Standings

Position Rider Total Points
1 Josh Penner #70 191
2 Brody Schure #27 49
3 Matthew Stokes #31 47
4 Vanessa Stinson #714 40