Wyatt Kerr

Bike number: 164

Cambridge, Ontario

Proudly supported by:

Inglis Cycle Centre

Riding history.

I have been riding motocross since I was 3 years old, I have raced kx 65s, kx 85s, kx100s, and kx 250 most recently I have raced motocross in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Michigan and across Ontario.

Most memorable achievement in this sport.

My most memorable achievement has to be my 2019 season, as I Qualified and raced at the world biggest moto cross event Loretta Lynn's AMA motocross. During the Area Qualifer's I won both my classes, during the Regional Qualifer I won both my classes winning 2 Michigan National Titles and headed to Loretta Lynn's with 2 tickets. I placed 2nd overall in the 250 C class taking a moto win in moto 3, and placing 13th in my other class.

My hero/idol.

Eli Tomac

Most influential person in my life.

My Dad


"Just Turn"



Model: KX250F
Sponsor Products: Inglis Cycle, D4 Performance, Pro Circutit

Model: KX250F
Sponsor Products: Inglis Cycle, Pro Circuit