Reyna Tiebs

Bike number: 719

Cranbrook, British Columbia

Proudly supported by:

All Seasons Motor Sports

Riding history.

Started riding dirt bikes at the age of 27, the summer after my son was born. The 2019 riding season came, and I tried a few motocross races in Calgary Alberta. In 2020 I completed my first mini Mx series at Wild Rose Mx Park. With 2021 here, I am looking to race the Alberta Championship Motocross Series

Most memorable achievement in this sport.

Hitting the step-up for the first time. Lining up for my first Mx race.

My hero/idol.

Ryan Dungey and Vicki Golden

Most influential person in my life.



Always have respect and gratitude for others. Allow yourself to grow with experiences. Work hard, have fun and love life.



Model: KX250F
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