Wyatt Kerr

Bike number: 164

Cambridge, Ontario

Proudly supported by:

Inglis Cycle Centre

Riding history.

I have been riding dirt riding dirt bikes since I was 3, I started racing moto cross at 4 years old. I have owned and raced Kx 65, KX 85’s, Kx 100’s Supermini and 2018 Kx 250 2020 Kx 250 and this year I am racing 2 2021 Kx 250’s. Kawasaki is the bike that builds champions.

Most memorable achievement in this sport.

2017 I won the team green national points championship and I won a brand new 2018 Kx 250. I also won both the 250 and open intermediate AMO provincial series on my 2020 Kx 250.

Most influential person in my life.

My Dad


Keep pushing



Model: KX250F
Sponsor Products: Inglis Cycle, D4 Performance, OGs, HRF, FWF, Moto Park, Garenteed Comfort, Barry Cullen Chev, DND Moto Products, Eddy